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Specialty Dental Brands | Partnerships for Dental Providers
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Speciality Dental Brands | Partnership for Community Dental Clinics
Speciality Dental Brands | Dental Partners, Services, and Support
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Oral Healthcare

Alignment with Specialty Dental Brands unlocks new possibilities, for you and for your practice. Our unique 3-in-1 model affords our doctor community unsurpassed industry knowledge and behind the scenes support.

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Speciality Dental Brands | Partners, Support, and Agreements
Three Specialties - One Community
Pediatric specialty partnerships with SDB
Pediatric Dentistry

Our pediatric dental specialists provide comprehensive dental care services from infancy to early adulthood, performing everything from routine cleanings to significant restorative treatments. Our highly-trained providers treat the families they serve with compassion and care.

Pediatric Dentistry Partnerships

Our award-winning team of orthodontists utilize  the most up-to-date technologies as they strive to meet the goals of their patients. This collaborative group is at the forefront of industry and treatment changes while creating happy, healthy smiles along the way.

Specialty partnerships and agreements with Speciality Dental Brands
Oral Surgery

Our oral surgeons are truly the best at what they do, equipped with the latest emerging dental technologies and cutting edge surgical procedures. From wisdom tooth removal to corrective jaw surgery, they offer unparalleled patient care and corrective outcomes.

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Invest in your future with tailored support for premier providers seeking a pathway to financial freedom while maintaining private practice identity and culture.

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251 Practices
25 States
270 Providers
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Partnering with Specialty Practice Owners

The expertise of our pediatric dentists, orthodontists, and oral surgeons is unmatched. We only partner with practices that employ the most skilled doctors and staff, with the highest possible ratings and track record of superior patient satisfaction.

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Speciality Dental Brands | Leader in Pediatric Dentist Support


Recruiting the Next Generation of Associates & Residents

We are committed to actively recruiting and supporting the next generation of oral healthcare superstars. Through the mentorship and guidance of our legacy partner owners, associates and resident specialists build patient volume while enhancing clinical skills.

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Speciality Dental Brands | Leaders in Dental Support


Career Opportunities for Clinical & Support Staff

At the heart of a Specialty Dental Brands practice is a talented, dedicated clinical and support staff. A wide array of exciting career opportunities is available across our three specialties.

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Join our community of oral healthcare specialists and receive best-in-class support for both your practice and patients.

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