Path to Partnership

At Specialty Dental Brands, we offer a unique opportunity to invest in your future with meaningful equity. In your first 12 months, you'll have access to in-house financing options, clinical & corporate leadership opportunities, and a pathway designed to hone your clinical skills and develop business acumen.

Join the Future of Dental Practice Ownership

Our partnership model is a carefully designed journey that includes the following stages: 

Transition smoothly into our environment. Familiarize yourself with the team, our operational systems, and standard protocols while sharpening your clinical expertise.

Dive deep into holistic treatment planning. Perfect your case presentation to enhance treatment acceptance and adopt innovative treatment strategies.

Grasp the nuances of practice management, expand your clinical and managerial prowess, and adopt an owner’s mindset towards staff training and development.

Build lasting connections with pediatricians, general dentists, and other child-focused professionals. Engage and educate your network through lunch-and-learn sessions and other interactive formats.

Achieve set production milestones, showcasing your readiness to assume the helm of a dental practice, embodying both clinical and managerial leadership.

Join Our Growing Team

The road to partnership with Specialty Dental Brands is paved with opportunity, support, and a shared vision for success. We are always looking for more professionals to join our growing network of partners. To request more information, submit your contact details and one of our team members will reach out to you.

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