Nurturing the magic that happens when unparalleled expertise and support unite

Our Approach to Dental Partnerships and Agreements
Why Specialty Dental Brands?

We understand that no two doctors or practices are alike, and we take the time to listen to your unique needs and offer comprehensive support services accordingly.

How to approach Dental Partnerships and Agreements with SDB
We work with the best in the nation.

We are proud to partner with pediatric dentists, orthodontists, and oral surgeons with unparalleled expertise, skilled staff, the highest possible ratings, and superior patient satisfaction.

Dental Partnerships and Support Services
We believe in ingenuity and innovation.

We are always thinking two steps ahead, looking not only to equip our practices with emerging dental technologies, systems, and applications, but also to create forward-thinking solutions for the challenges we see coming.

Our approach for Dentistry support and services that benefit the community
We know patients are your priority.

We have great respect for the practices our specialists have built and we work hard to support them behind the scenes so they can put their focus on where it belongs: their patients.

Our typical approach towards dentistry services
We’re not a typical DSO.

Having three different specialties within our thriving community means that we are able to offer the most comprehensive oral healthcare experience in the nation.

Three Specialties - One Community

Our model of partnership was designed to celebrate the unique local practices our specialists have built while providing the invaluable resources, equity, and behind-the-scenes support they need to truly thrive.


Taking Practices to the Next Level

Dr. Rhonda Hogan, of Suwannee Pediatric Dentistry, describes her first year of transition into the Specialty Dental Brands community.

Orthodontist Dr. Hogan smiling at the camera | Dental Leader


Opening New Doors in the Community

Dr. Chad Lambourne of Bennion Lambourne Orthodontics, describes his local experience within his community after joining Specialty Dental Brands.

Orthodontist Dr. Lambourne smiling | Dental Leader


Bringing New Expertise to a Seasoned Team

Dr. AJ Stosich, of Aspire Surgical in Salt Lake City, describes the support he received after partnering with Specialty Dental Brands.

Image of Doctor Stosich smiling at the camera | Dental Leader

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