Tech-Enabled Solutions and Tailored Services

Specialty Dental Brands
Human Resources

From essential day-to-day operations to talent acquisition, the SDB human resources arm provides key workforce management support in a legal, compliant, and equitable manner. Additional HR services include benefits, payroll, and employee performance tracking.

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Data & IT

SDB offers consistent IT support and reliable infrastructure to keep day-to-day technological operations running smoothly and efficiently at our partner practices.

Specialty Dental Brands

Ensure practice revenue is maximized under the watchful eye of SDB’s financial services team. By establishing and administering accounting controls with an emphasis on accuracy and security, our partners can feel confident in their financial records.

Legal & Compliance

Dedicated to regulatory compliance, SDB ensures our partners are compliant with all federal, state, and local mandates. By offering specialized trainings and legal support, SDB affiliated practices receive personalized initial monitoring and comprehensive staff compliance programs.


Reach prospective patients and increase your referral network by collaboration with the SDB Marketing team. Our Marketing professionals drive new patient acquisition and provide supplemental communication strategies through digital marketing, print advertising, referral physician marketing, and community events.


Committed to excellence, SDB’s team of Operational leaders develop plans to drive growth and efficiency within each practice. Tasked with the oversight of key systems and financial diligence, SDB partners are relinquished from the burdens of administrative management.

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